Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Winter Effects" Affect our Skin

Winter has decided to show up a little early . . . again this year. It's time to keep our skin moisturized and protected from the harsh elements. Dryer air and lower temperatures dry out the natural oils in our skin.

For this I recommend: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Do NOT use hot water when washing your face - and remember to blot, not rub your face dry. Always put moisturizer on before going out into the cold. Don't forget your lips!

I recently discovered that exfoliating your face without water produces much better results. You can always add a little moisturizer to your scrub if its too harsh, then rinse with lukewarm water. Moisturizer works much better on exfoliated skin. Don't over-exfoliate - keep it down to twice a week at most.

Whenever I prepare for a shoot, I must get lots of rest (which is easy to do in winter-time) prepare my skin for a massive amount of make-up by lightly applying a protective base and a light conditioning lip gloss.

Usually the Make-Up Artist (including my Mom!) gradually enhances the colors throughout the shoot, darkening the eyes and lips as we go along - so there are usually lots of layers!

Making sure the make-up is removed is crucial to maintaining healthy skin. You don't really need much more than a cleanser (foaming cleansers are the best) and eye make-up remover. And go easy on the skin - the cleanser does all the work so you don't have to... don't scrub it in or rub your face. Use soft facial towels to remove eye makeup. Your eye area is very sensitive and you do not want to tug on your lids! Just press into your lash line for stubborn mascara to dissolve and wipe clean.

If your skin feels tight afterward - apply a light conditioning moisturizer to your face and lips and get your Beauty Rest!

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Model: Angelique

Photographer: Brian Heller

Make-Up Artist: Jitka Klugova

Hair Stylist: El Leo

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